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Trauma Healing Program

East Lake Clinic

We know trauma affects our health and the health of our community. Hennepin Healthcare is transforming East Lake Clinic into a place for healing for staff and patients.

We want to care for you with compassion, equity, cultural openness, trust, healing, and safety.

East Lake Clinic team members are here to create a healing environment and to support you and your family during and after your pregnancy.

For a healthy pregnancy, you can receive prenatal care via Centering group visits, one on one visits with family medicine providers, or via visits with a midwife. CenteringPregnancy® is prenatal care in a group format with 8-12 other pregnant patients over 10 weeks.

See our East Lake OB team handout with pictures and bios below, which is also available at our front desk for a full list of all who take part in your healthy prenatal care journey.

What to expect:

Community health workers at East Lake Clinic will help you with:

  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Breast pumps
  • Safe places for babies to sleep
  • Car seats
  • Resources for health insurance
  • Resources on access to EBT and WIC
  • Referrals for doulas
  • Referrals for public health nurses

Social workers at East Lake Clinic will help you with:

  • Safety
  • Parenting
  • Mental health
  • Education
  • Immigration
  • Insurance

We are looking forward to seeing you and welcoming you to our clinic! We look forward to supporting you through your pregnancy journey.

More resources on trauma healing:

Visit our Talent Garden

Our Talent Garden inspires and supports historically excluded youth to pursue careers in healthcare with six hour experiences in our downtown campus. 

  • Latine Youth with Stethoscopes
  • Black Youth with Stethoscopes
  • Asian Youth with Stethoscopes
  • American Indian Youth with Stethoscopes
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East Lake Clinic

2215 East Lake Street, Level 5
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Located in Hennepin County Service Center

Appointments: 612-873-6963