Hennepin Healthcare's Workplace Giving Campaign

Together We
Rely on Each Other

Together We Care. Together We Are Stronger.

Together our generosity fortifies our community in times of joy and hardship.

We invite you to make an impact through our workplace giving campaign- Together We Care! Our workplace and community are stronger when we give together to the causes we care about. You can select programs and departments within the Hennepin Healthcare family or any qualifying community nonprofit. Our donation portal makes it easy to contribute through payroll deduction or a one-time gift.

Whatever the size, your donation combines with hundreds of others to support meaningful work.

Make your donation before October 21, 2022.
Thank you for all that you do!

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Portal for Payroll Deduction and Credit Card Donations

Visit our online donation portal, hosted by CHC, to designate your gift and enter your payroll deduction contribution or credit card payment.

Donation Portal Link

Online Donation Step by Step Instructions


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Fillable Pledge Form

If you don't wish to use the online portal, download this form, type in your information, print and send to the Foundation. You can also use this form to donate PTO hours.

Fillable TWC Pledge Form (Word)

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Portal for PTO/Vacation Hour Donations

Qualifying team members can donate the value of PTO/Vacation hours to internal programs of Hennepin Healthcare. Before donating read the instructions to learn if you qualify.

PTO Portal Link

PTO Donation Instructions

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Charitable Fund Lists

Hennepin Healthcare Foundation

Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute

CHC: Creating Healthier Communities

Greater Twin Cities United Way

If your charity is not listed, please use the paper form to write in your designated nonprofit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about your payroll deduction or PTO donations? Contact [email protected].

Questions about contributing from a BEA, contact [email protected]. Read BEA Instructions.

Together We Care is the name of our annual workplace giving campaign. Employees can make a monthly donation or a one-time gift via payroll deduction. Qualifying staff can also donate PTO or BEA funds to programs within Hennepin Healthcare. The Hennepin Healthcare Foundation leads this campaign to offer you a moment to support the programs and charities that mean the most to you.  Many programs rely on contributions to exist.  During your workday, the equipment, training, environment and patient and staff experience has often been enhanced by philanthropy.  You have the power to make a similar difference.  There are over 100 funds within Hennepin Healthcare and numerous external charities you can support using payroll deduction.  

Together We Care runs October 3 – 21, 2022. During this time, employees can access the online donation portal to make a monthly donation or a one-time gift via payroll deduction or credit card to the fund or community charity of their choice.

Several Hennepin Healthcare programs rely on philanthropy to exist. So, while the timing seems insensitive to some, we want to continue to offer this annual moment for you to support the causes you care about, using the convenience of payroll deduction. Hopefully, you have seen the benefits generosity brings to your team, the patient experience, medical education and research programs. We encourage you to donate what you can and together we can achieve more.

You can make your donation in several ways. Find links and forms on this page to donate.

  1. Use the online portal to make a monthly donation or a one-time gift via payroll deduction or credit card. Helpful step by step instructions.
  2. Complete a paper donation form and return it to the Foundation.
  3. Send a check and completed paper donation form to the Foundation.
  4. Qualifying employees can donate PTO or BEA funds to programs within Hennepin Healthcare.

A donation of PTO or vacation hours has become a popular way to support programs of Hennepin Healthcare during our workplace giving campaign. This option comes with specific rules. Please read the highlighted PTO donation instructions on this webpage above the FAQ section. 

A BEA (Business Expense Account ) fund holder may donate to a charitible fund held at Hennepin Healthcare Foundation or HHRI. This option comes with specific rules. Access BEA donation instructions.

You will see your first payroll deduction donation occur in the first pay period of January 2023. 

Hennepin Healthcare has always had generous participation from team members. Together We Care generates approximately $300,000 in philanthropic support for our community.

You will receive a postcard at home and see announcements in Scanner. At the downtown campus, there will be a banner in the Café that will be updated with first names of donors.

Yes, team members can set up donations using payroll deductions throughout the year. However, it is only through the Together We Care campaign that you can support external charities using payroll deduction.  We thank the payroll team for the extra effort to set up the process to distribute donations to external charities at the start of each calendar year.

For more information or to have us attend your team huddle,
please contact Paula Wilhelm, Annual Giving & Engagement Manager
[email protected] or 612-873-3253.