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ems student training with dummy resuscitation

Emergency and Critical Care Education


Emergency Medicine Education staff work with over 4200 students, conducting over 59,000 student hours of instruction annually. We work with you to improve your knowledge, skills, and the care you will provide to patients. We strive to have a positive impact on patient care, reflected in our diverse selection of topics and courses. To learn more about our course topics and registration, access the following links to our learning center.

Basic Life Support Education
Emergency Care Education
Advanced Life Support Education
EMS Online Continuing Education


Our staff work with over 4,200 students, conducting over 59,000 student hours of instruction annually. 

Paramedic Program

Training paramedics to be experienced healthcare providers.

Critical Care Provider Program

Designed to introduce the framework of critical patient management. 

Webinar Series

A monthly web-based education series provided by EMS Education.

Law Enforcement

Courses provide instructional skills for front-line patrol personnel and field investigators.

Emergency Medical Services

Providing medical support to the community, sporting events, and venues.

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